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Podcast Episodes with Upton Bell

Upton Bell worked in the Baltimore Colts front office for several seasons in the 1960s. The New England Patriots hired him as their general manager after that. He is the son of Bert Bell, the founder of the Philadelphia Eagles and longtime NFL commissioner. Upton has graciously appeared on several episodes of The Game Before the Money Podcast.

Upton Bell Picks 2022 AFC and NFC Championship Games

Upton Bell Picks 2022 NFL Divisional Playoff Games

Series: Three Games That Changed the NFL

Upton Bell shared stories in a three-part series remembering three games that he believes changed the NFL. Upton attended all three games and provided firsthand accounts. The three-part series includes stories of the 1948 NFL Championship Game, the 1958 NFL Championship Game, and Super Bowl III.

1948 NFL Championship Game

1958 NFL Championship Game

Super Bowl III

NOTE: Upton Bell’s book, Present at the Creation, was published by the University of Nebraska Press.

You can purchase the book here.

NFL Commissioner Bert Bell

Upton also shared stories about his father, Bert Bell, in an episode of The Game Before the Money’s football history podcast.

You can learn more about Upton Bell on his official website by clicking here.

UMASS Amherst features an online exhibit of the Upton Bell Collection here.

Colts scouting staff, led by Upton Bell. L-R: Dick Szymanski, Fred Schubach, Upton Bell, George Young. Milt Davis was hired at a later date. Photo courtesy of Upton Bell.