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The History of Football

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Player and Coach Bios, Legendary Games, Insights & More.

NFL Biographies and statistics

Football Bios

Football Biographies

Bio pages for some of the greatest players and coaches in pro and college football history. Provides career highlights, background information, fantastic facts, and trivia. Articles often feature quotes from the players/coaches themselves and/or their teammates and players.
Notes on Jackson Michael's Football History Podcasts


Podcast Notes

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Classic Games

Stories of the Game

A look into famous, legendary, and unexpected games in pro and college football history. We also look at famous rivalries and their outcomes.
Football's history


A Brief History Of...

Inside stories of pro and college football history from players and coaches, including surprising facts, learn some incredible trivia with these shorter football history articles.

Football History & Facts

Classic Games

A brief history of teams and topics including team histories, franchise history, and team eras. We look at how the game has evolved and the changes that brought about today's game.

Insights & Analysis

Football: Past Meets Present

A deeper insight into watching games, knowledge of history, recognizing NFL trends and college football trends, spotting patterns throughout the history of the game.