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Houston Oilers History

Red, White, and Columbia Blue: Chasing the Dream with the 1979 Houston Oilers

A game-by-game recap of the season showing the adversity NFL teams face on and off the field from week to week.

Featuring stories from many of the Luv Ya’ Blue Houston Oilers including Dan Pastorini, Hall of Famers Elvin Bethea, Curley Culp, and Robert Brazile. linebacker Gregg Bingham, who led the Oilers in tackles for over 10 years straight, receiver “Double 0” Kenny Burrough, and defensive coordinator Ed Biles.

Red White and Columbia Blue Chasing the Dream with the 1979 Houston Oilers

1979 Houston Oilers Highlights

  • Learn how the pieces of a defense fit together to get both sacks and interceptions
  • Discover how Gregg Bingham at middle linebacker can bait the quarterback into mistakes on crossing patterns and how he read trick plays.
  • Gain insights in to post 1979 season when the Houston Oilers traded starting quarterback Dan Pastorini for Raiders Hall of Fame quarterback Ken Stabler and Pastorini provide full insights and the backstory of the trade and why it happened.
  • Learn the difference between what an average back would gain on that play and how Earl Campbell made it a touchdown.
  • Discover new information into one of the most controversial calls in NFL history – the Mike Renfro play in the 1979 AFC Championship at Pittsburgh.
  • Relish in the incredible Steel Curtain defense the Steelers had in the 70s – maybe one of the greatest defenses of all-time – Joe Greene, Jack Lambert, Jack Ham, Mel Blount, a lot of Hall of Famers on that defense.
  • Experience Pastorini on reading the defense, finding the best direction to run, and how that resulted in Campbell’s classic 61 yard touchdown.
  • Treasure how Bethea on how he knew quarterbacks after playing in the league so long, he recognized snap counts, and how he’d challenge himself – be one play better than last game, one sack better….that put him in the Hall of Fame and help win a lot of those games for the Oilers.

A Documentary Celebrating the Luv Ya Blue Houston Oilers

Teaming up with my wife who heads up 11 Productions, I wrote and directed this one-hour documentary that aired on Root Sports Southwest. Former Houston Oilers recount an era that captured the hearts and minds of fans and a city in, We Were the Oilers: The Luv Ya Blue! Era.

The team and the city of Houston came together with a common dream of winning the Super Bowl.  Two years in a row, the Oilers came within one game of achieving that dream.  This was the closest the city of Houston has ever had.  No one realized, in the middle of the “Luv Ya Blue” era, that the Oilers would never make it to the Super Bowl. We Were the Oilers provides a platform for eighteen “Luv Ya Blue” members to share their stories and thoughts in a way that has not yet been done. Fans will reminisce and remember their own personal memories tied to the hope and heartbreak as the players reflect on famous plays, pivotal decisions, the relationship to Houston and the camaraderie they had as a team. Get it here or on Amazon.

Listen to and download the song, “Sometimes a Dream (Only Comes True in Your Heart)” by Jackson Michael