Best I Remember: Super Bowl Moments

Best I Remember: Super Bowl Moments

As always, I’ll preface this segment by saying these are the best I personally remember as I type this column. I might be forgetting the obvious. Also, I’m too young to remember the Dolphins back-to-back wins and remember only part of the Steeler dynasty — SBs 13 and 14. That said, I have watched 39 Super Bowls, starting with Super Bowl 11. My most vivid memory of that game was Raider defensive backs Jack Tatum and Skip Thomas hitting Vikings receiver Sammy White so hard that White’s helmet flew 10 yards downfield. Most impressive was that White held on to the ball. I don’t remember Willie Brown’s interception return (forgive me, I was 6 years old), otherwise that might have made this list. As always, I won’t base this list on “That’s my favorite play because my team scored” kind of memories, but you sure can in the comments section! Let’s get to it! The Top 10 10. Super Bowl […]

Best I Remember — Super Bowl Plays

ProductReviewed byThe Game Before the Moneyon January 31, 2015RatingSummaryLike I preface every post in this category, I’ll say this list is based solely on my fading memory. The first Super Bowl I remember was Super Bowl 11, so I missed a decade of great plays. Also of note is that these are plays that stand out in my mind as awesome – not necessarily the most important plays, but the most impressive. I hope I’m not forgetting an obvious one, but here goes.   Charles Haley, Super Bowl 27 – Haley’s speed blasted him past Bills All-AFC tackle Howard Ballard. Haley knocked the ball out of QB Jim Kelly’s hands before Kelly stopped fading back. Cowboy Jimmie Jones returned the fumble for a touchdown and a 14-7 first quarter lead. The Cowboys crushed Buffalo 52-17.   Joe Montana to John Taylor, Super Bowl 23 – A lot of people rank this higher because it was the game-winning score with 34 seconds […]

Best I Remember — Gamers

ProductReviewed byThe Game Before the Moneyon September 23, 2014RatingSummaryWhat is a gamer? A guy who plays hard, every single down. A guy who gets back up when others would stay down. They are players you respect even though they play for the team you hate. Some are superstars. Some simply play several levels above their combine scores once the game starts. Earlier we discussed the 10 Best Running Backs I remember, and I explained how this category is completely subjective. These posts are in good fun, and based solely on my fading memory – not statistics. Perhaps I’ll forget the most obvious candidate, like when Cris Carter forgot to name Calvin Johnson in his top 5 current receivers on the Mike and Mike Show. I’ll take that risk, however, and hopefully we’ll all enjoy a few good football memories together. 10. Steve Tasker: The man who made the Pro Bowl 7 times as a special teams player. I don’t remember any player having such […]

Best I Remember — Running Backs

ProductReviewed byThe Game Before the Moneyon August 19, 2014RatingSummaryI’ll preface by saying I never saw Jim Brown play. I’m also too young to remember O.J. Simpson or Larry Csonka in their primes. I won’t dig into statistics about yards per carry, adjusted yards per offensive line, or total yardage in games 34 degrees or cooler. Posts under the heading “Best I Remember” are simply that – the best players I personally remember. The category is completely subjective and based solely on my fading memory. Hopefully, it will be fun for you to compare your list. That said, let’s run with it! 10. Roger Craig: We’re not talking about his entire career, but for a few seasons Craig churned out yardage like a tiller working a garden. The first player I remember having 1,000 yards rushing and receiving in the same season. My goodness, he even led the NFL in receptions. What other running back can say that? Nobody. When I think […]