This Might Surprise You: DeflateGate and 3 Surprising Facts in the Wells Report

This Might Surprise You: DeflateGate and 3 Surprising Facts in the Wells Report

Last post, I commented on how frustrating it was to hear announcers spout off about Tom Brady and Deflategate before reading the Wells Report. I decided to read it myself. My goal is to neither bash the Patriots nor exonerate them. I simply aim to provide an objective review of the Wells Report. CLIFF’S NOTES OVERVIEW NFL rules say the ball must be inflated between 12.5 and 13.5 psi. Teams prepare 12 footballs before games, and the refs check air pressure with a gauge. The NFL referee manual specifically states that if a ball measures below 12.5, the refs need to inflate it to exactly 12.5. If it’s above 13.5, the refs need to reduce it to exactly 13.5. (As stated on pg 36 of the Wells Report.) The problems that caused Deflategate, from what I can tell, stem from two inconsistencies. First, different gauges give different readings. For Deflategate, two gauges were used to measure psi at halftime and […]

Thinking Out Loud: Two Thoughts on Deflategate

THOUGHT ONE The “Deflategate” news train keeps rolling. Tom Brady has been found guilty in both the court of public opinion, and by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. His four-game suspension, currently under appeal, has been lauded by many. The media circus surrounding this controversy reminded me of what Irv Cross mentioned in The Game before the Money. He discussed the difference between today’s media and his approach while working on The NFL Today. “We reported,” Cross said. “You just didn’t wing things and sing things off the top of your head. If Tom Landry did something and I reported it, it actually happened. I had it verified, and had probably talked to the player directly involved. Today I hear, ‘I think this and I think that,’ but I don’t see much reporting.” True indeed. Few pundits bothered to read the Wells Report, duplicating the scenario that took place when baseball’s Mitchell Report hit the streets. Opinions abound, but nobody will […]

Father’s Day 2018 — Gift Ideas

Looking for a great gift for a dad who loves football? The Game before the Money: Voices of the Men Who Built the NFL makes an outstanding gift. Any fan would love to experience NFL history through the eyes of legends, and this book provides an All-Access pass to the action. Here’s what people are saying about The Game Before the Money: “All football fans will enjoy the stories told in this entertaining and engrossing read.” – Library Journal “The book, The Game Before the Money, is not only a good read, but a valuable historical contribution to pro football.” Clifford Christl, Team Historian, Green Bay Packers “I recommend this book for any football library. Its significance is in the preservation of the early game of football through the players who actually played the game in their own words.” — Bob Swick, Gridiron Greats You can order it from Amazon here (also available on Kindle!) You can order it from Barnes and […]