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President Reagan Super Bowl 19 Coin Toss

The NFL asked Hall of Famer Hugh McElhenny to participate in the coin toss ceremony for Super Bowl 19. A special guest joined him via a live feed.

President Ronald Reagan fulfilled two American dreams on January 20, 1985. His calendar featured two major events: the presidential inauguration kicking off his second term in the White House, and a remote coin flip determining the kickoff of Super Bowl 19.

Hall of Fame running back Hugh MeElhenny related the Dolphins call of the coin flip against the San Francisco 49ers to the Commander in Chief.

Watch the video below to witness the outcome of the toss and listen to fun facts about U.S. presidents and their connection to football in the podcast episode below.

The 49ers won Super Bowl 19 by a 38-16 score.

Learn what Big 10 team President Reagan worked for as a play-by-play announcer and fun facts about many U.S. presidents and their love of football in The Game before the Money Podcast.

NOTE: The video was embedded via Youtube via the Reagan Foundation.

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