Podcast: Bert Bell — The Great Commissioner

Podcast: Bert Bell — The Great Commissioner

Who came up with the idea for the NFL Draft? The answer is the same man who founded the Philadelphia Eagles, and came up with the idea of overtime, implemented the two-minute warning, came up with the idea of injury reports and the waiver wire. His name is Bert Bell. In this episode, Bell’s son Upton Bell, who worked for the Colts in the 1960s before becoming the New England Patriots GM, is our guest. He walks us through his father’s life and legacy through stories of how Bert Bell came up with the idea for the NFL Draft, how Bell chose the name Eagles for his franchise, and Bell’s role in the early stages of the American Football League. You can listen in the player below, and also listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts and iTunes, Google Play, iHeartRadio, Spotify, and Stitcher.

How the First-Overall NFL Draft Picks Have Fared in the Last 5 Years

The top pick in the NFL Draft always brings lofty expectations to fans of dismal teams. How have the last 5 top-picks fared? Let’s take a look. 2017: Myles Garrett, Cleveland Browns, DE – Garrett collected 7 sacks and forced 1 fumble in his rookie season. He also earned PFWA All-Rookie Team honors. The Browns, however, lost every single game. Despite a fine rookie campaign, the Browns could have started a nine-month old puppy at defensive end and still had the same 0-16 record. 2016: Jared Goff, Los Angeles Rams, QB – Goff had a terrible rookie season, making many question whether the Rams made a huge mistake in trading the farm to draft him. Goff’s second year, however, was a complete reversal of fortune. He won 11 of his 15 starts, led the Rams to the playoffs, and made the Pro Bowl. He also led the NFL in Yards per Completion. 2015: Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, QB – […]

A Brief History of — The NFL Draft

Enormous media coverage surrounds today’s NFL draft. It wasn’t always that way. Bob Griese told us he didn’t know the draft had taken place – even though he was the fourth-overall pick. Players from The Game before the Money era often learned their pro football destinations through newspapers, college coaches, and friends. It apparently wasn’t until the 1970s that teams called players during the draft. YEARS BEFORE THE DRAFT Chaos often surrounded acquiring talent before the draft existed. Don Hutson signed with both the Green Bay Packers and the NFL’s Brooklyn Dodgers after his college career at Alabama ended. NFL President Joe Carr awarded Hutson to the Packers since the Packers mailed their contract just a few minutes before the Dodgers. Hutson helped lead the Packers to 3 NFL titles and still holds NFL receiving records 8 decades later. Photo of: Don Hutson. The Philadelphia Eagles and the NFL’s Brooklyn Dodgers both highly desired Minnesota All-American Stan Kostka in 1935. […]