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Most Turnovers by Winning Team

The Game Before the Money Radio Show shared outstanding college football records. In this post, we talk about turnovers.

Purdue Holds Record for Most Turnovers by Winning Team

Purdue had 11 turnovers against Illinois in 1943. Those 11 turnovers set a record that still stands today. However, that is not the record for most turnovers by a team in one game. It is the record for most turnovers by a winning team in a single game.

Purdue Beats Illinois After 11 Turnovers

Purdue won that game, and it wasn’t even close. They beat Illinois 40-21. Purdue lost nine fumbles on the day and threw two interceptions. And get this: they punted twice and had both of them blocked! One was returned for a touchdown. Talk about still finding a way to win.

1943 Purdue Football Undefeated Season

The Boilermakers found a way to overcome 11 turnovers and win that game, and that might not be the only thing that will surprise you about the 1943 Purdue Boilermakers. Purdue went undefeated that year, and the 21 points they gave up against Illinois were by far the most points they allowed all season. Purdue had four shutouts. They had three additional games where they only gave up seven points. That’s a pretty stout defense by the Purdue Boilermakers. Despite their undefeated record, they finished fifth in the final AP poll in 1943.

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Most Turnovers in Single NCAA Game

If you’re wondering what the record is for most turnovers in a single game by any team, that’s 13 by Georgia against Georgia Tech in 1951. Thirteen turnovers in a single game is an average of over three turnovers per quarter.

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