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1960 NFL Championship Game

The Game Before the Money Podcast took a look at Dave Wilcox’s experience attending the 1960 NFL Championship game in Episode 56 of the football history podcast. Wilcox grew up to be a Hall of Fame linebacker for the San Fran

Attending the 1960 NFL Championship Game

Dave Wilcox’s older brother, John Wilcox, played in the 1958 Rose Bowl for Oregon. He also played for the Philadelphia Eagles on their 1960 NFL Championship team. The Eagles defeated the Packers 17 to 13 in the 1960 NFL Championship. Dave got to attend that game as a guest of his brother, John. He shared that story on our sports history podcast.

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“He sent me a plane ticket to come back to the Championship Game. They played Green Bay at Franklin Field in Philadelphia, and he paid my way back there. I think I was there for two days.”

“He was a backup offensive tackle and a backup defensive lineman. He was six-five and weighed about 240. Norm Van Brocklin was the quarterback of the Eagles at that time. He was an Oregon guy. But anyhow, after the game, we left, and he had a friend that lived in West Virginia or something. We drove over there, and then from there, we drove all the way back to Oregon.”

NFL Salaries in the 60s

This is a good time to mention why this project is called The Game Before the Money for those of you who might not already know. Pro football wasn’t always the big-time money profession that it is today. Most players held jobs in the off-season to support their families and build careers outside of football, which was true even in the 1970s and 1980s.

Dave Wilcox gave a fun example of his brother’s NFL salary and how winning that 1960 NFL Championship Game with the Eagles wasn’t just a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It also brought a healthier paycheck than usual.

“He got drafted by the Eagles, and he just played the one year, and I think his salary was like $4000 or something, and they won the Championship, and they got a bonus check for $4500. So he made more in one game than he did a whole season.”

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